Use case 

Phonoptics fiber optic sensors can be used in a multitude of application cases such as: 

-Engine combustion study

-Sound analysis of "crack" in oven, autoclave or any hostile environment

-Aerodynamic analysis in turbine input or output 

-Non-destructuctive testing with ultrasonic emission and analysis by our sensor

-Gas leak detection in ATEX environment

-Analysis of electrical or magnetic phenomenon

Each pulse corresponds to the appearance of an electric arc. We can see a variability of the loudness and the frequency of occurrence which is here of the order of Hz.   

By zooming on a pulse, we can measure, the response to that pulse and see the characteristic periods.

Even more importantly, the sampling frequency of our acquisition system is at its limits (1MHz), we can measure  the time between two maximum of the pseudo-sinusoid: 1,3µs approximately 76kHz.


These acoustic measurements, possibly coupled with light measurements , make it possible to characterize the material  of electric arc emission, to measure its evolution over time, the influence of the distance between two ends of the copper wires, in order to establish a usual sound pattern and to compare for example with other equipment or detect in the case of a predictive maintenance if the equipment will break down.

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