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Until recently, two choices of optical source were available on the market: Laser or LED.

The former have strong power in small heart fibers. The seconds have a stability in power and a broad spectrum.


Combining strong powers and large spectra, all in a small heart fiber, was impossible.

Until the arrival of new optical sources: SLD or Super Luminescent Diode. They combine high powers (several mW in a single-mode fiber) and broad spectrum (up to 110nm or more per combination).

The stability is better than 0.1dB over 24 hours and the RIN is limited to photon noise (with our proprietary electronics).

unfortunately the choice remains very limited depending on the type of case desired.

Available either in a Butterfly version for research, or in a Benchtop laboratory version.


What about a plug & play version for an industrialist or a laboratory that does not want to waste time configuring a source, with the risk of breaking the fiber or the chip itself?


Phonoptics is therefore offering these SLD light sources for the first time. Easy to use, for the production or research sector. With the widest choice on the market: up to 80 different references. All at an unbeatable price!

Main features

Wavelength : from 650nm to 1650 nm

Spectral width : from 10 to 110 nm (width at mid-height FWHM)

Power : from 0,2mW to 90mW in a single mode fiber (SM ou PM)

Coherence length : up to 5µm

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