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Our expertise


Phonoptics has developed an outstanding expertise. In the permises of the company are assembled various fibers with various coatings and various elements from the telecom (performance and low cost) or others. 


The manufacture of our membranes are subcontracted by a micro-fabrication specialist in the cleanroom, which ensures the repeatability and consistency of our sensors. 


We are committed to providing the best sensors. Each part is carefully assembled with the best products to promote its performance and longevity. 


At the heart of our microphones are used ceramic or borosilicate which allows good chemical resistance. Our membranes are made of silicon. This component provides high stability and chemical resistance over the long term.


We have strong knowledge about collage. Thus, we use the best glue according to the customer's need and the type of sensor to be made. 


Thanks to the tests carried out, our sensors can reach very high temperatures without altering their functioning in the most hostile environments. Finally, we know that environments are becoming increasingly complex, which is why we can adapt to customer demand by offering new sensors by changing the size , thickness... to respond  to pressures.

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