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Optical Pyrometer with Emissivity correction

The temperature sensor developed by Phonoptics is unique in the world (patent pending): it not only measures the temperature radiated by the body like any pyrometer, but it is also capable of calculating its emissivity and therefore of compensating for any variation . The temperature measurement is therefore reliable.

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The only pyrometer capable of measuring the true temperature in all circumstances*

Knowledge of emissivity is no longer necessary, the device measures it for you in real time!

  * there are rare cases where emissivity measurement is not possible. In this case the sensor indicates the same temperature as other pyrometers on the market would indicate.


Front view

Main features

Rear view with fiber optic cable and collimator head

Use cases

Measure on any  type of metal

even aluminum


Whether on shiny, oxidizing, or melting metal, the ThermoRef is always able to measure the true temperature

All parameters are accessible at a glance on the screen, in order to keep a control and a critical eye on the temperature reading.

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