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Phonoptics is a start-up from the Innovation Entrepreneurs Function of the Optical Institute, it has developed a new technology with the production of a new optical fiber microphone as well as other different sensors.


This innovation was born of a meeting between future engineers and qualified person during entrepreneurship training at the Optical Graduate School Institute. Jean- Michel Malavielle, technical director at SED-ATI presented a fiber capable of measuring movements, Vivien Staehle knew the potential of this new technology. Thus, Phonoptics was born in 2014 from this collaboration.

Phonoptics is working diligently to develop new sensors day after day to overcome the limitations of current sensors.


In 2014, Phonoptics won the national competition which aims to help create innovative technology companies, in the "Emergence" category. She also win a "Photon d'or" by the Photonics magazine and the "Fiber Award of Innovation Optics Valley" in the Student-Entrepreneur category. One year after its creation, the start-up won the "Tremplin Entreprises Competition" in 2015 and is too the winner of the "Scientipôle Initiative".  She will also be semi-finalist in the Materials and Construction category of the "Hello Tomorrow Challenge". In 2016, a fundraiser has been setting up.

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