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This box incorporates electronics with compensation for the noise of the light source.


This allows a gain on the noise floor of 20dB at low frequency and at least 10dB up to 100kHz. The noise increases up to 200kHz where the gain in comparison with a standard Myotis is zero.


Power is simply supplied via a standard 5V microUSB cable.


The visual indication LED lights up in red when the electronics are on and no sensor is detected (sensor not plugged in, connector dirty, or sensor broken), and in green when everything is working correctly.


The 3.5mm jack output supports any impedance of

headphones as well as small speakers.



- 200kHz bandwidth

- Noise reduction for increased signal to noise ratio

- Multiple input / output connectors for ease of use

- Compatible with all Phonoptics sensors

- Box with Heatsink function optimizing the stability of the optical source

- E2000 optical connector with protective cover against dust and risk to the eyes

- Variable gain

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