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In order to use Phonoptics fiber optic sensors, it is necessary to use electronics providing the optical signal and its analysis.


This Myotis1300 version also allows signal amplification with a gain on 3 levels, the use of headphones and the BNC AC output, an SMA DC output for monitoring the integrity of the sensor, and an output digital USB type daq 44kHz 16bit. All these outputs can be used simultaneously.


The front LED indicates in red if the µUSB power cable is connected (and therefore that the battery is recharging), and in green if the box is in the ON position. An integrated circuit optimizes recharging and powering the box according to the needs and capacities of the charger.




- A built-in thermistor provides protection in the event of overheating.

- The rear LED indicates if a sensor is present and functional.


- Standard and practical inputs / outputs

- For any Phonoptics sensor

- Sensor integrity control output

- E2000 APC optical connector with protective cover

- Integrated digitizer

- Integrates a battery

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